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Marty Cohen

After bringing my family there Sunday for a meal. We had to endure your MANAGER Lynn make a vulgar statement with a table she had an issue with. As she walked from them she said “they can suck my d&!k”. I had to answer my 4 year old child who repeated what she said. I am disgusted beyond words! She reflected your establishment. As I read other reviews of your establishement it seems this Lynn woman has so many negative remarks. You should clean up your house before you invite people in. She has ruined your reputation with her attitude and disgusting way about herself! You should read the comments all the negative ones are about her. Time to take out the garbage. Anyone who talks like that doesn’t belong in that field espically when CHILDREN are around eating with their families

Catherine Sterling

Let me start off by saying My husband & I had our 1st date almost 5 yrs ago & today was our 1st time back & we brought our 2 yr old daughter.So we wanted to reminisce that today.We pulled up at 11am & I went in with my daughter to ask if valet was working.When I walked in there was a sign to see hostess outside to be seated.I walked outside,no hostess so I asked a gentleman working & he nicely went inside & found the hostess who was in the kitchen doorway.She didn’t have a smile or say hi,just asked how many. I told her 3,my husband is trying to find valet & I asked her if they are working.She said she’s not sure,they normally are.So I went to tell my husband what she said & luckily valet was there.Come back in & she had our menus on the table with chairs & was bringing a high chair.I nicely told her we don’t need a high chair since my daughter doesn’t sit in it & if we could have a booth.She was just straight faced & obviously upset.I even helped grab some menus.A complete rough start to what’s suppose to be this great time for us.The hostess was not friendly or welcoming at all & the complete opposite.She was definitely having a bad day & taking it out on us which shouldn’t happen.Luckily our waitress was her opposite.She was super friendly.Food was good.My crab hush puppies were alittle burnt vs golden brown but inside was still good.Mimosa was amazing.Loved the sauce for fried mozzarella & Loved the old bay butter for crab husbpuppies.Valet was super fast bringing our car & nice.So we’re still glad we were able to recreate our 1st date & bring our daughter here.They danced to the outside music.Still love this bar restaurant.Plenty of space,nice a.c & nice people besides the hostess who was not hospitable at all.

Tony Carabin

Hayman and JT have this place dialed in A++++

Jerry Green

Food and drinks were good. but large table of rowdy girls, didn't stay long. Very annoying.

Jackie Cornell

Got ripped off Whenever I go to Virginia beach I stop here for lunch or cocktails. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went in just for a Margarita and because he has never been there before. So we went in Sat at the bar ordered to basic Margaritas. Asked for nothing special. Got a bill for 28.00 !!! For 2 small plastic cup drinks?!! NEVER AGAIN! Everywhere else we went were 1/2 that.

Linet McKenzie

I visit most Fridays. I love the place every meal i had is delicious, i love Asian Kenny the bar tender he is polite a great guy to meet my self and husband always look out for him, but only one request can you bring a dj that plays regga or calypso please i have some folks from NY on the 24th of may want to stop by.

Jose Agosto

I was here for four days on vacation and walked in Calypso the 1st day here. And came every day until the day I left. Great food,great prices,great music and friendly staff. Will be coming back,thank you.